Summer vacation.  Summer vacation does not have the same meaning as it once did.  Summer vacation now means summer work, writing, grad school applications, and sitting in my pajamas for the majority of the day while I experiment with relaxation and gluten free recipes.

Progress on my novel has been pretty non-existent since my 4 day stay at Little Portion Friary.  Truth be told, my progress there wasn’t at all what I’d expected it to be.  I’d expected my time there to be bubbling with creativity and frantic bursts of late night writing.  I’d expected to finish it while I was there, and to come up with a working title.  Instead, I found myself enjoying quiet and relaxation and conversation instead of staying holed up in my room writing without seeing the light of day.  I’ve had a few dreams since then about story lines or something resembling a story line; and I’ve come up with 2 perfect working titles (which were both already taken and subsequently dismissed) and one terribly pedestrian title.

Other than that, I’ve painted my room and tried to remain calm about the impending stress of the fall semester (18 credits minimum).  I’ll be back soon!