I had planned to spend Labor Day working on school projects.

Instead, I’ve spent today playing American Girl with my sister, eating copious amounts of chocolate covered almonds, and doing an interview with a Stony Brook student about the sudden closure of Southampton.  Not entirely the day that I’d planned out, but important.

My sister spent a day at American Girl last week.  We’re planning the next trip to AG during Christmas vacation, and figuring out what we want for Christmas (and my birthday).  The entire house is being worked on, and my sisters’ AG dolls will soon be moved into her new room.  Mine were moved to a more prominent display location in the spare room.  There are so many dolls in this house, and there will, undoubtedly, be more arriving soon.

My sister told me today while we were playing with dolls that my grandmother needs to accept that I’m not normal.  So true.