The answer, quite simply, is to water board the character in question.  Or, at least, that was the most logical conclusion I could come up with in Roger’s office.

Admittedly, I am a difficult person on a good day.  My characters, unfortunately, being my characters, are also difficult.  They are stubborn, at least when they want to be.  Pallavi, the perpetual thorn in my side, likes to walk out of scenes for no reason.  She’s the type of character that will start to tell you what you want to know and 2 sentences in when everything is wonderful and you’re really excited, she will stop.  And that is the end of it.  I’d been contemplating ways to make her tell me what I need to know.  I’ve gotten to the point in the story where I really just need the characters to cooperate.  Hedia’s been fabulous.  Her long flashback section changes the target audience, but it’s the only reason I’m still writing in light of Pallavi’s protests.  Elliott, as always, is Elliott.  And, boy, do I love him dearly.

I used to think that they were stalling because they weren’t ready for the book to end, but now I’m not so sure.  Tomorrow, I find out if the book appeals to non-writing professors…