A favorite quote of the Facebook Flair makers on writing is its nature as a love affair.  It’s crazy and illogical, senseless, exhilarating.  Few things come close to the feeling of frenzied writing.  However, not everything can remain in the love affair stage of a relationship (or so I believe.)

In a long term committed relationship with writing, it needs to be the more committed than your most serious past committed relationship.  As you might imagine, this doesn’t leave much time or energy for a committed relationship, though I do know some crazy people who make it work.

I don’t remember where I was taking the last scene I was writing.  This is sad and frustrating.  And I no longer seem to be in the mindset to write anything, let alone Symilia.  This is even sadder.  I’m hoping that either sunshine or a trip to the Friary will fix that.  Both might be preferred.  Here’s to hope, because I’m a little too tired right now to chase this down.