Occasionally, I learn something new about TRTL.  It usually happens when I’m talking about it to someone.  Today it happened while I was typing up a new section.

I’ve been writing the story out of sequence as it comes to me.  This leads to having the ending laying around for a year before you have the middle written, much aggravation as you try to fit all the pieces together aware that you don’t have all the pieces, and new discoveries along the way.  Writing out of order means that your ideas about the piece are constantly changing.

I’ve been struggling with the middle sections, because Pallavi is uncooperative on a good day.  I thought that the part of the story I was missing was about Elliott and Pallavi.  Today, I realized that I was wrong.  In typical independent study style, I texted Stephanie with the realization in an epic 3 part text message.

This is what I learned: “All this time, i thought the missing story was of the love between el and pallavi and of finding someone to help carry your burden, but maybe all along it was about the love of the people you choose as family and the love that helps you heal old wounds…  Hedia and elliott finding each other when they were both alone and needing a friend and the family that they created with the stories they lived.”

I was really surprised over the summer when all of a sudden the only character talking was Hedia.  I didn’t expect her to start telling stories about her life, nor did I think that stories about her life were a missing piece of the story/puzzle.  I can’t imagine the book without those stories.  That section is so real and so important and it makes me cry every time I have to go past it.  Maybe I was too focussed on what I thought would happen to realize in the moment what was happening.  I learned who Hedia was and why Elliott was so important to her and vice versa.  And that is a beautiful realization to have whilst typing.