I say vile, but the truth is, the way I developed my voice was **flashback** as a young, angry, depressed teenager.  The computer was in the basement and I’d lock myself up and write bitter poetry.  The poetry became an outlet for me, and I think a lot of the voice that comes through in my writing today is a more mature, developed version of the voice that came out when I first started writing all the time.  That, and through obsessively journaling every single obnoxious detail of my life.

Lately, a lot of what’s come out of me is bad poetry.  The fact that I’ve even been writing poetry concerns me more than a little.  I am, by no means, a poet.  It just shouldn’t happen.  But today, I wrote a poem and looked at it and went, “Hm.  This might actually be a decent poem.”  It was a rather exciting discovery.  Being a well-rounded writer and all…

“Forgive me, Father, for I have written poetry.”