I suppose that every blog post I write can be titled ‘Writing’ or something similar or related, but I think it warrants another post.

I do some of my best writing on my cell phone late at night or in traffic.  I’ve always used my cell phone to write.  I think it’s kind of funny that the act of texting leads to some of the best pieces I’ve ever written.

A few people have expressed concern about how much I write.  How big a part of my life it is.  For me, not writing is not living, not breathing.  This worries some people.  It’s not to say that I never am not writing.  There are times when the writing I do is just for myself.  That’s some of the best stuff.  I write because it’s how I learn things about myself and how I feel about situations.  I write because it’s like a form of sanity and it’s a form of prayer for me.

I write because I love it.  It makes me feel alive and it’s what I’m passionate about.  I write because all of my other talents stem from my ability to write.  It’s a pretty good system, I think.

I’m hoping to get back into NaNo and TRTL soon.