Yesterday, I was asked what my MFA Thesis will be.  I haven’t thought past applying for the MFA.  I know that either of the books that I’m working on could be theses.  Roger told me yesterday to bring in Cherry whenever I’m ready to.

Being in school, I’ve never experienced the process of writing a rough draft, having it read, editing it accordingly, etc.  TRTL has been read in many different incarnations at every step of the way by at least one person, and it isn’t even done yet.  I know that the process for TRTL will be similar to the process of writing a thesis, and I sort of want to have at least one “typical” process under my belt when that time comes.  Unless I’m totally unable to come up with a new idea for a thesis and end up using one of my current books for a thesis.

I’m sad that I didn’t get to finish NaNo.  I had somewhere in the 17k’s and then I got hit with a bad bout of carpal tunnel.  They told me I would regain feeling and use in about 4 weeks.  My fingers are still swollen and it’s painful for me to write and be out of the immobilizer, but things are slowly getting better.

One day, I’ll do something the normal way.  With Cherry, I’m starting in the beginning and ending with the ending which is also a new and exciting experiment.  One day, one day.