Behold, the megapost!

I’ve been feeling a blog post on these things coming, and now seems as good a time as any to do it.  It also seems like it would be worth it to just roll them all into one post, so…

My birthday is coming up.  21.  It’s a milestone of sorts.  It’s also a rather large reminder of the things I’ve lost getting to this point.  I’d been ignoring the fact that it was coming for a long time, and not telling friends who asked when it was.  I told them I’d let them know when it was over and too late to do anything about it.  Yesterday, on the way to church, my mother told me that my actions were incorrect.  I’m not sure how she always manages to be right, but she does.  She told me that while my birthday may not be important to me, it might be incredibly important to the people I love and care about and that it’s not fair to them to deprive them of the opportunity to celebrate the 21st anniversary of my birth (I thought about and decided against more graphic adjectives.  You’re welcome.).  So, while I still don’t entirely understand why my birthday would be important to other people who aren’t my parents, I appreciate that it might be important to them to celebrate it with me.  So, I told them.  I should be alright as long as they don’t sing to me.  I might burst into tears or throw up (or both) if they sing.

I’ve been thinking about the plight of the educated woman, women’s rights, etc a lot lately.  Part of it is because of my Beyond Eden class, and part of it is from blogging and reading other people’s blogs and listening to people having drama.  I have hope on the job and dating front.  My big concern isn’t that it won’t happen, but that I’ll be too busy, immersed, stupid, fill-in-the-blank-here to notice that something really good has fallen into my lap.

This year, I’m trying to become less of a Type A person.  I’m trying to slow down and not stress and not care as much.  I think I’ll be healthier (important) and happier (super important) that way.  It’s proceeding with mixed results.  I’m also trying to be gentler.  I had a friend tell me that he’s never seen the gentle side of me, but he’s absolutely sure that it’s there and that he really likes it.  I really need to be handled gently, but I’ve realized that I’m not always very gentle with the other people around me.  I’d like to change that.  I’ve already changed a lot in the past year-ish.  I think these things will be easy-ish and very good changes to make.  I’m also loving the fact that I’m much less grown up than I was five years ago.  I think that’s a very, very good thing.

I want to go see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader again.  This time, I want to see it in 3D.  It was really different, and really great.  The viewing experience made me realize that I’m a really big fan of the word lovely lately.  After I’m through with finals, I want to celebrate my birthday (I’m not sure how yet), see VDT again, reread the entire series in English and Italian, and do some hardcore writing.  I need to buy carpal tunnel gloves before I do that, though.  So, I should probably get back to eating popcorn and chocolate chips and studying for an exam tomorrow and writing a paper due tomorrow after the exam…

Never fear, though, for I’ll be back!