Day 15-Bible verse

Whoaaaaaaaaa we’re halfway there!!!

Haha, now onto the challenge!

My favorite Bible verse? Or just any Bible verse?

I don’t know that I have a favorite Bible verse, but there are some that I love because of what they say or, more often, because I have wonderful stories that accompany the verses. So, since I’m a storyteller at heart, I thought I’d share one of my favorite Bible/Church stories. 2 summers ago, I was at the Friary during one of my days off from working at Camp DeWolfe (big surprise, since I’m always at the Friary…). Anyway, during one of the offices, I’m not clear now whether it was noon or evening, though I sort of think it was evening, a Brother from elsewhere was reading and the reading was very, very difficult to understand, but somewhere in the verbal mess that was the reading was this line about how women needed to be subservient to men as is fitting before the Lord. It was from one of Paul’s letters, though it wasn’t the one I thought it was- which I discovered when I read ALL of the letters and couldn’t find the line. So, I was the only female in the Chapel when that line was uttered and everyone looked at me, and Max was sitting next to me (–> it could have actually been Mass, which Max made me acolyte which was a HOT FREAKING MESS) and he elbowed me in the ribs and started cracking up! I was pretty uncomfortable at the time, and I’m sure I was bright red, but it was really funny, and it’s something that still gets brought up from time to time. Perhaps, if there’s lots of comment loving, I’ll go looking for the origins of the line and where it can be found, since I just (finally) brought in a bag of my important books from the college stuff in the garage.