Day 24-Something you’ve learned

I’ve learned a lot of things lately. Let me think about this. I promise I’ll add in my lesson later tonight 🙂

**Something that I’ve learned is that I have to trust myself. So much has happened lately, and a lot of it has been bat-shit insane. I’ve seen some true colors in people that I never wanted to and I’ve applied to Grad school and I’ve realized that there are some rad people that I can count on, and some that I thought I could that were disappointments. Anyway, in the midst of everything collapsing, I had to trust myself and the people around me and know that everything happens for a reason. When I was freaking out about Grad school, some fantastic people put up with my constant questions and fears and self doubts and put me back in my place. They told me not to worry and I just had to believe them. And I’m glad I did. So maybe what I actually learned was that I need to trust my friends when I don’t think that I can trust myself.