I’m really lucky to have super-amazing-fantastic-wonderful friends. Friends that don’t mind when your nervous breakdown inadvertently causes them to miss their favorite dinner of the week. Friends that don’t mind telling you time and again that you just need to put your head down and work or write or what have you.

I texted a friend in pretty intense distress wondering if I should keep writing until I run out of words about a love gone awry, and when that glorious day would arrive, and she texted me back this lovely pearl of advice, which I proceeded to write on a small square of paper and will be taping to my notebook. It says, “Write until you no longer feel the need to write about her. Then rejoice when that day comes!”

I think it’s amazing advice. I need to give myself permission to relax and ride this out, knowing that it will end one day, and then I’ll be SOOOO happy that it’s over, and I’ll have amassed a significant amount of material for future use/playing.