The past weekish, I’ve been able to steal some time to do a little work on TRTL. It’s felt really good. But that isn’t the only material that’s been coming out. I’ve written a little about my thesis- it’s crept up on me and begun to spew material. This means that I have 3 books somewhat in progress simultaneously. I’ve also been collecting materials for the eventual memoir, and I’ve also decided that after the thesis, I’ll be writing a tragic lesbian novel. I have a tentative title, but since it’s still all really fluid and in the planning process, I’m not going to go into details now (it could also easily end up as a NaNo during grad school, as I’ve not decided what this coming NaNo will entail). But yeah. Holy hell, that’s a lot of writing. My goal is to have TRTL done and edited by the end of the summer, and I’d like to also have at least the first draft of CLM by then as well. Write write write.