Yesterday and today, I’ve had writing trips.

The past few weeks, what it means to be Jewish has weighed heavily on my mind. Yom HaShoah is today, and I remember now just how far we’ve yet to come towards true peace, love and equality. I’m learning that tears and feelings are as prayerful as prayers and actions and that they are no less valuable.

Thanks to Vickie Motter and Rachael Herron, I’ve successfully figured out how to cut my paper use and monetary expenditures in the editing process. I’ve been writing, but it’s going slowly now. The story is far from over and it isn’t slowing down in the sense that perhaps we’re approaching the end, but it’s slowing down because other things are happening. So, I’ve been using my Kindle and MacBook Pro in concert to edit the story. It’s mostly in the correct order (yesterday’s project), and today I’m reading, fixing grammatical and typographical errors, and trying to figure out exactly what I have, what I have, what connective tissue I need to write and all of that good stuff. It’s really beginning to feel like a real book. It’s exciting. But everything feels heavy today. The feeling will pass, I’m sure.

I also bought my cap and gown. They’re hanging in my bathroom. It’s so weird.