Well, as I think it goes without saying, life with Autoimmune Disease has serious and unforeseen consequences.

I had to take 16 credits this semester to graduate, which means that I had to take 18. 6 classes. A lot. More than I’ve done recently.

But I did it. I took 6 classes, and ran around like a stressed out looney tune all semester. I was sick a lot of the semester. Bummer. Missed a lot of classes, but still planned to pass everything.

Fast forward to finals week. My King Arthur class. The exams are fill in on minute details of different works we’ve read with the same themes, plot developments and casts of characters. I don’t do details. I can’t. I can’t remember them. To save my life. What do I have to do? Remember details.

Do I pass this class? No. Is there anything that I can do? No. Do I graduate on time? No. So, now I have to wait an extra 2 months to send my transcript to the Graduate School and spend money that I don’t have on a summer class to get me over the 120 credit mark.

Here’s to hoping that Roger finds this hilarious and convinces Bob that it’s funny as fuck, and that my conditional acceptance is not further affected and that my acceptance is not revoked period.

What now? Help?