This afternoon, I finished reading The Secret Garden. I definitely stretched it, because I was enjoying it. I’m enjoying having the time to read for fun, and I’m enjoying that I love to read again. I hated reading for years because of the shit that I had to read in school. This is so fun and so refreshing, and carrying books definitely limits the amount of stupid and superfluous conversations you must engage in for the sake of social niceties. Big plus!

I haven’t quite kept track of what I’ve been reading as well as I probably should have, but I finished The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, and The Secret Garden. I’ve also been reading Kissing the Virgin’s Mouth and The Lacuna, and I hope to finish both of these soon. I’ve also been reading and rereading a friend’s manuscript and identifying problems which need fixing.

I’ve read some Kindle samples, and I just bought another book which I’d read the sample of and fell in love with. I can only hope that the rest of the book is as magical.

Yesterday, I finally got to order my book necklace, which I’m very excited about. I’ll be sure to post pictures when it arrives.

As I said, The Secret Garden was fabulous, and I have quite a history with the story, which I think made it even better. What also made it better was that I was able to download it for free for Kindle because it’s so old. Score! I also downloaded A Little Princess (two forms of it, both on Kindle) and I’m really looking forward to getting to read that.

After I finish Kissing the Virgin’s Mouth and The Lacuna, I’m going to be reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, then Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and then The Bean Trees and The Last Song. Then, after that, I’ll probably work my way through the other Bellwether Prize winning novels and other materials published by the winning authors and Barbara Kingsolver’s catalogue. Who knows! The world is full of infinite possibilities, and I’m pretty excited about it.

In other, writerly, news, I’m waiting for Stephanie to get back to me with comments on TRTL, and I still haven’t fixed the working title situation, so I guess for the time being it’s going to be TRTL. I can’t wait to be writing again. I also reached out to an old friend who had said that she wanted to read the book. I asked whether or not she’d like to help get me out of my own head and unstuck on the plot twist problems. I’ll probably hear back from her in a few days, and if she does want to read the work-in-progress novel, I’m not sure when exactly that would be or how long it would take her. We’ll see, I guess!