And I love it.

Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble and started reading Mudbound. It’s one of 2 Bellwether Winners that are still available in bookstores. (the other is The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, which I already own, bought in a bookstore, read and was disappointed with {I couldn’t get into the story, and the characters didn’t feel as real as they should have} 😦 )

I was hoping that it was going to be great, because the 2 Bellwether Winners that I’d read so far were disappointing. I actually stopped reading Kissing the Virgin’s Mouth. It was a case of something that should have been awesome, and would have been if I knew nothing about Mexico. When a major myth was botched, I had to stop. But, I’m happy to report that Mudbound was immediately engaging and it came home with me.

I’d also ordered Hotel At the Corner of Bitter and Sweet after I read a Kindle sample and couldn’t get enough. I’m happy that it came in, because I can’t wait to finish it. I hope the rest of it is as good as the sample was.

When I was listening to a podcast reading of Mudbound, it was sponsored by the publisher of a new novel that sounded intriguing. Of course, this book got added to my shopping cart on Amazon, which literally has 29 other books in it, plus at least one hundred saved items, plus the contents of the wish lists.

I’ve lost track of how many books I still have to read, though 35-40 or 50 is probably a good starting guess…

Anyway, leave any and all suggestions, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep my blog a little more interactive, at least for the summer. My plan is to keep fairly accurate records in the form of book comments/reviews, but since I know how public the internet is, I want to issue some disclaimers here: I’m very picky. I have specific ideas about where plots should go. I don’t handle surprises well. If I had it my way, a lot of the books that are published would qualify as wisdom literature- I think our voices should be used for creating changes. Rarely do I want to read fluffy books of little actual consequence. Authors, feel free to ignore anything I say, especially if I’m a minority opinion. If you think I’m full of shit and totally off base with my feelings about your book, that’s entirely possible, and probably quite likely. My goal is to keep this impersonal- I won’t attack you and will keep my comments about books limited to technical issues: characters, plot, technique, etc. In turn, I ask that you remain impersonal and equally professional.