Late last week, I finally found my copy of The Fifth Sacred Thing from when I took Critical Analysis my sophomore year of college. Starhawk has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to turn the novel into a movie. (I’m currently beyond obsessed with this book.) Anyway, since I’ve found it, I’ve been hard pressed to do anything other than read it, and as a result, I ripped through the 500 pages in just a few days. This explains the large amount of radio silence.

I also bought and installed Bejeweled on my Macbook Pro. I swore that I wasn’t going to put games on my computer, but the truth is that the $10 application is cheaper than therapy, and nothing relaxes me quite like Bejeweled. So, I guess I’m just rolling with it.

ETA: Actually, I found it last Wednesday evening, so I guess I didn’t read it as quickly as I thought? Well, Saturday didn’t see much reading happen, nor did Sunday. Whatever. It’s an amazing book, and I’m so glad that I finally found it.