I finally got around to finishing The Book Of Dead Birds, which ended much better than I’d thought it would, and have given up hope of forcing myself through Walking To Mercury, but on Wednesday, I scored some new books from Border’s on clearance, including This Is Where I Leave You for $2.99. What makes it better is that there were still copies on the shelves when I went inside. Victory is sweet.

After I finish Tropper, I’m going to dive in and read and review When She Woke, which I have an ARC of thanks to a random drawing at Algonquin Books’s blog (http://www.algonquinbooksblog.com/).

Then, I think I’ll read The Last Song, which I’ve been looking forward to reading in spite of the fact that I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I have a few other deals to read, and yesterday, I went to 2 libraries and bought some more used books, on top of 2 that my mom bought for me, and one that my mom bought for her and read that I’m going to read next.

I wonder how many pages I’ll have eaten by the end of the summer… I definitely lost some momentum, but all is not lost, and I think I’ll make up for it.