Edited to add: This review is deliberately short because the plot developments are so important, and I don’t want to give them away. This book is going to be huge, and rightfully so. I’d pre-order my copy now.

Edited again to add:

Set in a puritanical future America, it is, at first glance, easy to label WHEN SHE WOKE as The Scarlet Letter Revisited. However, to do that would be a huge disservice to WHEN SHE WOKE, Hillary Jordan’s second novel, releasing on October 4th from Algonquin Books.

The novel follows the story of Hannah, a young woman in her mid-20’s, from the time she meets and falls in love with her priest Aidan Dale through her abortion, jail time and chroming, time in prison, time in a halfway house and her fight to regain the life that she lost when she “committed murder”.

WHEN SHE WOKE is a futuristic thriller, and a thought-provoking and incredibly well-written offering of dystopian fiction.

It is a must read for anyone who loves to read allegory, science fiction, thrillers, and books that leave readers thinking, as well as people who worry about the lines between individual and collective rights.