I came across this http://krisasselin.blogspot.com/2011/08/where-are-gay-parents-in-childrens_15.html post this evening, and it got me to thinking (and ordering a book from Amazon one-click even though I had a 12 book score at Borders today).

Writers are told that things that don’t have mainstream appeal (“alternative” factors, if you will) aren’t sellable to agents because there’s no market.  We are forced to compromise, meaning that there are large markets that are entirely ignored and aren’t catered to.

When I started writing my novel (new working title= The Tapestry of Trees), Hedia was an incredibly ambiguous character.  At first, she was a man, and then she became a genderless person.  I loved that.  However, my instinct told me that it would be a very tough sell, and my writing circle agreed with me.  So, Hedia became female, and I LOVE her exactly the way she is now, but it was frustrating to feel as though I HAD to change/alter/stifle my vision in order to make my baby novel marketable.

I’m glad that we’re talking about this now, and please PLEASE please, let’s sound off and keep these conversations going here, on Twitter/Facebook/whatever and in real life.  Let’s fix this.  There’s enough inequality in the world, and I don’t think the world of literature needs to be another place and force of inequality.