It occurred to me that I don’t think I ever properly discussed this on here (though I certainly have on Facebook and Twitter).

The Writing Camp that I worked at, the one where I gave a tiny excerpt of my novel for the first time, published an anthology with work from all of the campers and some of the staff.  The teeny excerpt that I gave at Canio’s is in the anthology (it was still in between titles, then, I guess, since I put that it was untitled and unfinished) is in the anthology!

And all of the profits from buying the book go towards a scholarship fund for talented writers to attend next summer!  The book is only $10, and since the camp is a non-profit, we ask that you’ll buy copies for people with whom you’d like to share this book.  The kids are so talented, and I was blown away by the work that went into the anthology.

Promise: An Anthology of Young Writers can be bought on CreateSpace here ( or on Amazon here (  Please leave feedback for us (especially on Amazon) so that the voices of the future and the vision of Rena can continue to touch people.