This past week has been quite the week!  I was sick for a good 4-5 days, always fun.  It affected school and such, so I’m more than a little stressed now.

Today, I have to do work for tomorrow (and go to the health food store and buy cookie mix and chocolate chips- more on that later), then go to the opening of the gallery event for my old program, then tonight, I have a mixer to go to!  So, it’s probably not going to be the earliest night ever, but it will be fun.  Until I have to get up at 7 to get my sister out the door.  Then it won’t be fun.  But, if I can get all of my work and photocopying done today, then tomorrow, I can go back to sleep after the kiddo’s on the bus and wake up to get dressed and bake cookies 🙂

I don’t remember anything from my childhood.  It was difficult and blah blah blah, and I needed to block it all out to survive it.  Fine.  I survived it.  Flash forward to writing, and I have to write a memory from my childhood.  I know a lot of what went on during my childhood from conversations and pictures, so I guess I have some memories, but they aren’t authentic memories at all.  Except for one.  The one thing I wish I could forget.  In the absence of other reliable memories, guess what I had to write!  The other part of the assignment was to give it to a character we’re working with, which was easy.  I did that first.  And I sat on it for 4 days before I could bring myself to write my part.

I wrote it.  Sort of.  Time has frayed the edges of that memory enough that it’s a little less painful than it used to be.  But anyone who knows me knows that I don’t volunteer information on myself easily, especially my childhood.  So, I’m sort of dreading having to go and read this and open up about it.  And I doubt my ability to do so.  So, I’m going to bake cookies.  I like baking.  And if I bake cookies, I’ll be excited about going and giving my class cookies instead of totally dreading it.  That’s my hope, anyway!