The thing that I love most about being in school is the rhythm of it- the structure, the schedule.  I love that each day has a schedule, and that I know what I can do that day.

I’ve grown to love order.

During my last year at Southampton as an undergrad, I woke up around 7 to ready-made coffee (love programmable coffee makers).  Every morning, I would write, check email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  When I wasn’t writing, like the week that I spent waiting for Namai to come out from behind the tree, I would type up pieces of the novel until I had to go to class or work.

I miss that now.

These days, I’m up at 7:15 hurrying Cara out the door.  Some days, I fuck around on the internet after she’s on the bus, some days, I go back to sleep, some days, I go right into doing/procrastinating homework.  I haven’t quite found the right rhythm, and in a few short weeks, it will be time to find a different rhythm.  Until then, I’m just floating along with words and pieces of stories keeping me company.