In honor of buying journals 4 & 5 for TTOT, I thought I’d revisit some old times (and pictures of the OG TTOT writing kit)

TTOT started with the blue-capped pen and the black skull journal.  It evolved into black, pink and blue text, and grew into the pink skull journal.

Then, it expanded into a multicolored peace journal, still written in black, pink and blue.

Alas, after quite some time, I’m approaching the end of the peace signs, so I bought new journals yesterday.  I bought two for a few reasons: 1. They were a matching set. 2. I’m going to Africa, and it’s better to have too many journals than not nearly enough (I’m hoping to hemorrhage material in Africa–we’ll see how that goes.) 3. I believe in Murphy’s Law, and I’m sort of hoping (and very much not) that being overly prepared will lead to a faster resolution of this novel, because I think that the world REALLY needs this story.  And when this story leaves me to go into the world on its own, I will be absolutely devastated, alone and completely inconsolable for a period of time no less than one month and probably much longer.  But though it will be difficult, it will still be a happy time, because I was given this amazing book that I have faith will make an impact on the world.

This was Wednesday night’s source of amusement.  I pulled up TTOT on a school computer to try to do some writing while I waited for a friend of mine and got THE BEST error message I never knew existed. (Bonus novel pages sneak peek!)

And, because I can, journals 4 & 5.

#5 arrived a whopping week after #4 and the beginning of this post’s journey to being published, so without further adieu: