Tomorrow, I have my first class meeting for Memoir.  It meets every other Saturday for the semester.  I can handle that.  In the meanwhile, I’ve gotten decent starts on my assignments for my other two classes.  We’re going to be starting up week 3 of the semester, and I’m feeling pretty confident.

For KidLit, we have to have a rough draft of the text for a picture book.  I’m in the sweet spot for word count, and I think it’s pretty good…  Quirky character, big problems (allergies and bullying kids with allergies for being different), a good plot twist, potential for adorable illustrations…

For Humor, we have to write about an aha moment.  Last semester, I wrote about my grandmother for an assignment not too dissimilar to this one.  I started writing it in class.  About weddings and babies and why arguing with my grandmother when she brings up marriage is getting harder and harder.

Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good.

Also, I finished Kayak Morning.  I’d been reading it slowly and enjoying letting it drag out.  I don’t quite remember when I finished it, but it was definitely within this last week.  So good.  Now, work, then reading DMG’s YA Nov which I started before Africa and have to finish, then writing.  Writing, editing novels, fanfic-ing-say-what?!  Oh yeah, this is gonna be good 😀