I realized recently that I have 8 books in some stage of the writing process, plus other ideas that I’ve been percolating and sitting on.  This is more than a little kind of crazy.

School is going.  We’re more than halfway through the semester, and we’re coming up fast on spring break.  I have a lot that needs to get done.  I also need to get my shit together and apply for the summer conferences, and take out some loans or something.  I’m not crazy about increasing my student loans, but it might be the only option for now.  I can deal with the repayment when I get out and join the Peace Corp or sell my novel or something.

I made a Cursillo this past weekend!  That was pretty fantastic.  And I had a lot of people that I know and love on the Team for the weekend, which made it so much better and so much more special.

All in all, life is good.  I’m learning not to think too far ahead (see the gushy tweets on my Twitter feed to the right of this post to see the over-all success of these attempts…).  I’m getting workshopped on Tuesday, and I’m not concerned about if they hate it or anything.  I’m at peace with life and this whole crazy process and the journey I’m on.  I like it.