For reals, yo.

I applied for another part time gig today…  Just got an email asking to see around 5 papers, so I sent 6 because two of them were coauthored with Adam…  I will be shitting bricks until I hear, and if it’s a yes, I might puke.  If it’s a no, I might puke.  I also have a freelance gig to do in addition to working tomorrow and doing some camp stuff.

I almost have my thesis committee under control.  I start Writing Camp this weekend.  Then, conferences.  Then, the year.  It’s going to be hard, and I’m probably definitely going to hate my life, but that’s part of growing up, right?  Getting through the shit to get to the good stuff.

Also, I texted the lovely Diana to ask her to talk me out of online shopping and I explained the sitch to her and she texted back “YOLO”.  So, there’s that lovely dilemma still unresolved.  But it’s pretty epic to have someone give me that response, so I’ll allow the fact that I still haven’t made a decision.