Life goes on.

Life goes on whether I write or not.

Elliott and the TTOT gang haven’t spoken to me in months.

I still don’t have a master copy of Desert Blues, but Layth and Hadar do still speak to me from time to time.

My Thesis is going well. I had my first official meeting with my thesis advisor yesterday, and she congratulated me and expressed something just short of joy with how much I’d produced since our last meeting. I have direction for what to do in the next month. This is good.

What’s not good is that this baby is due in January, and I won’t have time to write hardcore until February. This can be overcome, of course, but basically, I’ve not been much fun of late.

And next semester, it will have been 4 years since I started writing TTOT. These were my best four years, for sure, and I have no regrets about beginning to write seriously. But recently, I discovered that Harper Voyager is accepting unsolicited MS submissions. On complete SciFi and Fantasy manuscripts. For publication. And El or someone won’t let me finish the book. And I want to finish this book, because the world needs it. One day, right?