Monday came and went, and I completely forgot that it was Monday! So, it’s Wednesday, and here’s my Monday post…

This past Thursday, I was blessed to be able to attend one of Audrey Assad’s Death, Be Not Proud concerts, with Bellarive opening. I had front row seats in Molloy’s Madison Theater, which was very nice! The concert was a bit too loud and much too bright for the headache I was rocking (it was on its second or third day), but it was such a wonderful gift and exactly the sort of thing I’ve been needing lately.

The DBNP Tour is a farewell tour of sorts for Audrey Assad, as she’s moving her career in a different direction, under the new name, LEVV. I am incredibly excited for the next chapter of her career, but I’m sad that the first of her worship concerts I attended was on her farewell tour.

If you’re interested in listening to some incredible, high quality worship music, definitely check out Audrey Assad’s Fortunate Fall (a full length record), Death, Be Not Proud EP, and her O Happy Fault EP. Her first two albums, The House You’re Building, and Heart, are great Christian pop albums. Lyrically and musically, Assad fills a hunger that I’ve not had filled by other Christian artists.

Also amazing, and a new favorite is Bellarive! I was able to meet them and have them sign one of their albums after the concert. I was so impressed and so moved by their set that I purchased both of their records after the show. I am so hoping that I will be able to see Bellarive again, and soon.