My Favorite for this week is Teavana! In the past, the closest Teavana to me was in a mall that’s about a thirty minute drive from my house, which made it kind of difficult for me to enjoy my tea habit. In the last week, a Teavana has opened up in the mall 5 minutes from me! I am so excited!!!

I like straight teas, not sweet teas or fruity teas (they make me a bit queasy–probably from the medicating the symptoms without knowing the cause days) and though Teavana doesn’t have too many non-fruity varieties, the pure teas that they have are a great quality and rarely do they disappoint. The best part about loose leaf brewing is that many teas are good for several brews, actually coming into their full flavor on the second or third brew. My favorite tea in the whole world is a good jasmine tea. Teavana has a couple of beautiful jasmine teas. The smell of a good jasmine tea is intoxicating, and drinking it is divine. I also love a good, strong green tea that tastes like dirt/grass 🙂

In Hawaii, once we moved into the yurts, I used to walk home at night and there was mock orange and some wild jasmine near our yurts, and by the time I got from the fence to my bed, I’d feel drunk, and I’d get into bed with my head swimming. Jasmine is truly the best scent ever.

Enjoy a good cup of tea today! I’ve already had five.