I recently ordered a SpiritHood. They’d been sort of on my radar for a while, and I recently discovered that I had some discontinued SpiritHoods bookmarked on my computer (though I don’t remember bookmarking them), but recently I ordered one. It arrived on the 17th, and it is wonderful.

It’s warmer than I expected, and very soft. The “Pawkets” keep my hands warm, and I’m sure that the arms will be put to use as a scarf once the weather decides to be fall and winter.

There aren’t many times when I find a product and want all of them, but this is one of those times for sure. I love the designs, and I love the Collectors Editions, especially when they have fun, colorful, interesting linings.

Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of reading on animal guides and totems, and I’m enjoying this opportunity to outwardly channel some animal guidance and spirit. And, of course, I love that they raise both awareness and money for endangered animals.

My SpiritHood has been a lifesaver since my body has decided that it’s no longer regulating my temperature appropriately, and since my hair has decided yet again to fall out at an alarming rate. If I loose all my hair at least my head will be warm.

I bought The Ocelot, and they describe it as: “Fierce, Solitary, Creative”.

So, I highly recommend that you A) Go buy yourself a SpiritHood or B) Ask for one for Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday/Next Available Appropriate Time To Ask For A Gift.