I’m not sure what my favorite thing this week is. I’m not sure I want to write, at all, actually. Things have been happening. Life progresses, ever moving forward even when you don’t want to.

Is my favorite thing the warm, soft blanket that’s trying its best to keep me less cold? The fanfiction I’m writing that I’m in love with, that is giving me more fulfillment and contentment than my memoir? The fandom to which this fic will belong? The bar that I went out to last night in a rare attempt to go out and act like a normal, healthy person in her mid-20s? The pottery place I have frequented?

This isn’t a favorites post. It’s more a ‘Here we are again. Another year. Another year, already?’ post. Today is my father’s birthday. Life has been so tough this past year, and we are definitely suffering. And today, I cannot help but wonder what happened in the alternate universes… What other lives I have lived and am living, unbeknownst to me.

I try not to, but.

I do wish things had been different.