Hello, dear readers!

I hope you’ve had a beautiful holiday season. I’ve very much enjoyed the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, and now that we’ve just celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany, it seemed like a good time for an update and to get back to favorite things.

Just after Thanksgiving, I met and adopted my dog, Zoey Makana. There is an abundant supply of pictures of her on my Instagram. My mom and sister adopted a pair of kittens from the same shelter. Even though we met Zoey and I filled out her application first, the kittens came home first, and they’re both quite small, which makes the seniority issues in the house very funny.

Having Zoey home has slowed my Voyager re-watch almost 100%, but I don’t mind at all. I’ve waited for such a long time to have a dog, and having her is even better than I’d imagined! I’d rather be at home with her than go out, or watch endless amounts of Netflix.

Our Christmas was much smaller and calmer than in years past, and it was nicer and more fulfilling, as well. I spent Christmas Eve tending my little “nephew”–the son of my friends, while they worked, and it was quiet and peaceful and lovely. I spent New Year’s Eve with friends and family having pizza, and then raced home to kiss Zoey at midnight.

I’ve been using this new (in my world, at least) app called Rhonna, which I really like. I’ve made a few edits for Zoey, as well as a few fandom edits which caused some major feels!

I hope you’ve had some beautiful times lately, as well!