I like listening to audiobooks as I’m falling asleep.

Many people with anxiety problems difficulties falling asleep, because their minds race and their anxieties circle, and it makes going to sleep feel less like an occurrence to look forward to than a thing to dread. There are different ways to cope with this, of course. And audiobooks have proven helpful for me.

There is a narrator that I especially like, and her voice is soothing. I’ve listened to a number of books that she’s read, and I’ve listened to some of them more than once. I like listening to non-fiction when I’m falling asleep. It’s a bit more linear, and if I miss something, it’s less likely to be hugely jarring when I wake up. Recently, I listened to Outlander, which was quite a commitment: over a month of listening! I also like audiobooks, because they feel entirely separate from my daytime reading. I can read any type of book during the day, and it doesn’t distract from my listening, and vice versa.

When I’m having an especially difficult time falling asleep, I’ll watch Netflix on my iPad as I’m falling asleep. Usually a comedy TV show.

At first, I worried that I might be disturbing Zoey with the audiobooks and Netflix, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She burrows under the blankets, steals them from me, kicks me and nudges me so that I can move, and sleeps better than I do.