My sister and I have largely different tastes and interests, but we both love YA novels, especially dystopian fiction. One of the things that we like to do is go to the premieres of YA movies. We’ve gone to the premieres of The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, Insurgent, Mockingjay Part 1, and probably some others, too.

Last week, we went to the Divergent Insurgent IMAX Double Feature, which for us meant that we saw Divergent at 5 PM and then the Insurgent premiere at 8 PM. It was a lot of fun to be able to see both movies back to back, because we were able to compare them, and we didn’t forget any details. We both love the Divergent universe because of its complexity, and its characters. For me, I love the idea that a city and a society could be divided into parts, and that these parts are so rigid and unchanging. It’s one of those ideas that feels as though it could be enacted, which makes it scary and dangerous, but also feels far enough removed from this world that we live in that it is entirely escapist. I love how strong a character Tris is, and I love her self-assuredness that she will get to the truth, and that she will do whatever it takes rather than backing down and doing what society tells her she ought to do and be.

A lot was changed in the adaptation of Insurgent, but I think that the movie did a very good job in both continuing the Divergent saga, and also setting up the third book (and third and fourth movies). We have no idea how they will adapt Allegiant, and haven’t known how it could or would be done since before we even saw Divergent, but we’re looking forward to the next installments!

We’re also looking forward to Mockingjay, Part 2, for which we saw a teaser both times we saw Insurgent in theaters.