A few weeks ago, I had an idea to use the psalms to ground both my creative life and my spiritual life. My brain fog has made it quite difficult to be particularly much of either lately, but this seemed like a good idea.

I read the psalms in one of my mom’s old annotated Bibles, and it was deeply unsatisfying in the way that a movie you swore you loved is deeply unsatisfying or disappointing upon a re-watch. It was the translation that I have always read, but it was all wrong. Where I remembered beautiful language and song and poetry, there were ordinary words.

I decided that I needed to buy a copy of the psalter that I had grown to love when I worshipped near-daily at Little Portion. The St. Helena Psalter, which is well-known for its inclusivity of language and for its mindfulness of the chanting voice. This psalter is helping me, simply by existing, to feel as though my spirituality and my creativity are simply resting, and are not gone forever.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the St. Helena Psalter (the Community has also written a Breviary, which I am looking forward to reading), you can purchase one from Amazon by clicking below. (Please note that this is an affiliate link.)


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