Lately, I’ve been re-watching some great TV, and watching some new (or new-to-me) movies and shows, so I thought that I’d present these on what I’m calling Lazy Saturdays, rather than giving the odd one in the context of a Favorite Things Monday.

I’ll highlight things that I love about each show, and tell you where you can watch it if you’d like to join in!

For my first Lazy Saturday post, I’m going to be discussing The Black Donnellys, which was on for one 13-episode season in 2007.

I dowloaded this show in college, about a year after it was on the air, and enjoyed it. On a whim, I decided to re-watch it on Netflix. The show is about an Irish family with 4 grown brothers, and their friends, who live in an area in New York City that is precariously balanced between being run by the Irish Mob and the Italian Mob. Their mother, a widow, is played by Kate Mulgrew, and one of their friends–and the love interest of the eldest brother–is played by Olivia Wilde. Tommy, the eldest brother, is constantly trying to smooth the feathers ruffled by the bad decisions of his younger brothers, and because of this, he ends up making more trouble and ruffling more feathers. The show does a great job of capturing the anxiety of this delicately balanced world in which the characters live, while also allowing each character to be well thought out and allowing the relationships to shine. There are some funny moments, that regardless of ethnicity, anyone with siblings will understand, as well as some horrible words exchanged between family members, which I think will also be familiar to anyone with a complicated family. The dialogue sounds real to me. One thing that turns me off of a show or a movie is when the dialogue feels stilted for no reason, or when it just doesn’t sound the way that normal speech sounds. This is a show that I wish had stuck around for more than one season.