If I cut my teeth on Star Trek, I learned to speak (and sass) on British comedies and mysteries. Mom and my Grandpa are total Anglophiles, and anything British is a must-watch. To this day, if someone is speaking with a British accent, it sounds entirely normal, and I have to think about the person or character’s country of origin because it doesn’t stand out to me. (I also have to make a very conscious effort not to reply in a British accent…)

The Vicar of Dibley is a show that I’ve seen many times, because in addition to being a British comedy starring the wonderful Dawn French, it’s about an Anglican Vicar in a small town in rural England, who is the town’s first experience with female ordination. It’s hilarious, and it’s a show that’s featured heavily in mine and Mom’s quote repertoire.

One of our favorite episodes to quote is The Christmas Special, in which, to celebrate Gerry’s tenth anniversary at Dibley, the villagers hold a hymn-writing contest, and perform the best of the new Christmas hymns at the Midnight Mass. The winning hymn was written by a parishioner who wanted to approach Christmas in a way that is original, and wrote about the labor and delivery of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

I cannot encourage you enough to go and watch this episode. It is so funny.

The Vicar Of Dibley is available for streaming on Netflix, and I have re-watched the series many times there, though I must note that there are some missing episodes, including the pilot. We also own the DVDs, which are a great way of (binge) watching all of the episodes and specials.