Last year, when I was undergoing treatment for lupus, I turned to the powers of the internet, because my treatment was largely uncovered by insurance.

One person donated and told me to pay it forward when I was able.

The internet has spawned some amazing things: crowdfunding for the creation of everything from music to films to books and likely many other things, as well. I have attended concerts from my couch because of the internet, and I have interacted with celebrities and authors on Twitter, which is amazing.

I recently attended a concert/q&a online. Tickets were purchased on a ‘give what you can’ scale, which I think is going to be the way of the future. In this particular venue, you also had the opportunity of buying a ticket for someone that was attending for free, and I was able to purchase tickets for a number of people that could not pay for their own tickets (tickets were in the $1-$5 range, and then you could leave tips), thereby paying some of the money contributed to my treatment forward. It may sound like it’s not an equivalency, but this concert was performed by an artist whose music got me through many a dark moment last year, and the few people that got in touch with me to thank me each told me that this same music helped them through their own dark times. To each, I told them, “Pay it forward.”

And how amazing that someplace that is considered to be so dark and terrible and anonymous might be a source of great change in the world?!