Towards the end of last summer, or maybe the beginning of fall, I began a complete Voyager re-watch. Voyager got me through a lot of tough times, and throughout the years, I have gone back and re-watched specific episodes and specific story arcs, as I have also done with The Next Generation, and the movies, and also Deep Space Nine to a lesser extent. I was into Season 2 or 3 of Voyager when I went back to nannying, and so my marathoning slowed considerably. It was nice, though, because I was able to really look forward to my Voyager time. In December, I adopted my dog, Zoey Makana, and if I watched an episode a week for the first few weeks of her being home, it was a lot. Then, things settled down, and I resumed a schedule that allowed for more than one episode each week.

I dreaded the end of the Complete Voyager Re-Watch, and felt a bit adrift when I’d finished the series. I have re-watched some episodes since then, but now that I’ve so recently seen the series in its entirety, it hasn’t been the same.

A month or so ago, I decided to randomly begin a complete re-watch of The Next Generation, which is even longer than Voyager, and also has several feature films. This marathon is proceeding even slower than the Voyager marathon: I’ll watch an episode or two, and then not watch any for a few weeks, then repeat. It’s always funny to me to go back into a show’s history and re-watch the pilot or the early few episodes, because oftentimes, a lot is changed from season 1 to season 2, and sometimes there are elements in the end of the series that are almost unrecognizable from their initial appearances in season 1. I’d entirely forgotten that Geordi LaForge began as a redshirt helmsman. Worf was also a redshirt for a while. I would have gone down swearing that they were both always yellow had I not begun this re-watch! (As a major Trek fan, this is a huge problem… Almost blasphemy to admit that you have forgotten elements of the early franchise!)

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a huge part of the limited memories I have of my early childhood. Mom and I would watch it, and I have memories of eating happy meals (or just the french fries and Dr. Pepper with the occasional bite of chicken nugget) in front of the TV in the guest room with my Deanna Troi action figure. Sadly, the combadge wouldn’t attach to my dance leotard (it wasn’t a pin or a magnet), and so I wasn’t able to wear it to ballet, an upset I weirdly remember to this day.

With that, I’m going to go drink some, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” and “Make it so!” with the marathoning! Have a great Lazy Saturday!