A few weeks ago, I bought a Chiropractic Affirmations Calendar App. I’d found it maybe 2 months ago in the App Store, but didn’t have the money to buy it or the space on my iPhone for it. I’ve since bought it! And, though I’ve been having a problem with it posting to my Facebook, I love it.

Here is today’s:

june 8

Each day has a different picture and a different affirmation for the day, and there is a calendar where you can jump to a specific date. The months and days on this portion of the calendar are all vertebrae! I am a happy Chiropractic geek!

I’ve also been posting a lot of affirmations and Chiropractic things on my Instagram and Twitter recently, because I am hoping that moving forward, Chiropractic will be a big portion of my writing life.

If you’d like to check this calendar out for yourself, here is the link! If you want to learn more about Chiropractic or just talk about a Chiropractic experience you’ve had, leave me a comment!