Orange is the New Black is another show that I am super late to the party for. Last summer, Mom tried to make me watch OitNB on Netflix and it was actually the worst connection I have ever had. The syncing of the dialogue and the picture was all off, and the picture was lagging so significantly I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Mom had watched it before that with minimal problems, but I opted not to watch it because it was driving me crazy.

Back in February, we spent my sister’s birthday at the largest mall in our area. I was in a very bad way that day and spent most of the day sitting in rest areas playing Panda Pop. But I hobbled into an FYE store, and bought, among other things, season 1 of OitNB on DVD. Since that day, Mom and I have watched those DVDs more than once, and recently, I received OitNB Season 2 on DVD from Amazon, and so we watched those while we were waiting for Season 3 to come out on Netflix. Since it came out last week, we are undecided if we will watch on Mom’s new Fire TV stick or online on our own, or what. But this show just keeps getting better and better. It looks like it’s a lot of fun to shoot, and I think that is reflected in the quality of the show.

You can buy Orange is the New Black on DVD from Amazon, or stream it on Netflix!