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It’s That Back To School Time Again!

So I suppose it’s time to rid the blog of cobwebs, and get back to my regularly established blogging schedule of new posts on Mondays and Saturdays.

This summer has brought a lot of news, and a lot of things that I would have written about had I found words for them, such as the murder of Cecil.

But, as it’s impossible to discuss all of what we’ve missed, here’s a bit of a round-up of things I’m loving to kick off the school year (our district goes back tomorrow):

Zoya Nail Polish I bought 6 colors a month or so ago, when they had a buy 3 colors, get 3 free promotion. I also bought their base and top coats, and their polish remover. So far, I’ve tried 5 of the 6 colors, and I’m impressed with all of them. The only color I haven’t tried is their black, which I plan to wear the entire month of October in honor of Halloween.

Barry’s Tea I always keep coffee and tea in my car, so that I can drink what I’m loving at the moment while I’m babysitting. I love Barry’s Tea. It’s strong, without being too bitter if I leave the tea bag in, which I usually do. I couldn’t find the box of tea in my car, and was very upset about it. Happily, I found it and now am back to sipping it happily when I’m not home. I’ve also had Barry’s Decaf, which is delightful.

Bewley’s Tea I’ve tried Bewley’s Dublin Morning, Irish Breakfast, and Irish Afternoon teas. These are teas that I predominantly drink at home, as the boxes have fallen apart as they’ve travelled with me. These are all strong, delicious, and I can go through all three teas in a day and feel entirely fulfilled and not at all bored.

Twinings Prince of Wales Tea I first had this tea last fall, and it’s so delightful. I don’t quite know how to describe this tea, but whenever I drink it, I feel very happy and satisfied, even if I’m not having a snack with it.

Worry Stones This link is to Irish Marble worry stones. I’ve recently made myself a couple of worry stone necklaces using Connemara marble, but as I am an anxious person by nature, compounded by having a very difficult run of things the last few years, I’m hoping that using worry stones will be a good and calming habit and strategy for me to manage my anxiety.

DuoLingo I’ve used DuoLingo for Italian and Irish, and I love how quickly this program allows you to learn sentences. I use MindSnacks to quiz things like vocabulary, but DuoLingo is a must for me for learning or maintaining a language. I bought a workbook that came with CDs for Irish, but thus far I’m having some problems with grammar, and word order… Basically I’m making the most ridiculous mistakes that it’s embarrassing, and no one but me knows the mistakes that I’m making. The best part about DuoLingo is that it’s free! I have the app on my phone and try to use it often.


Favorites 14

It may be because we’re in the height of winter, and because it feels like it’s never going to stop snowing… But I’m in love with tea. I know I’ve written about being in love with tea before on Favorites Mondays, but it’s just so good that I have to keep writing about it.

I love strong teas. And I love a good green tea; if it tastes like dirt, I’ll probably want to weep with joy at how good it is. But I also love black teas. And drinking a very large mug of black tea at 5 in the evening is not generally a good plan if one wants to sleep later that night. This is where Irish Afternoon Tea comes in!

I like visiting Irish stores and learning about Ireland. In college, I took a class on Irish History, and it was fascinating. My father is English/Irish, and because he was so sick for most of my childhood, I never learned a lot about my heritage on his side. My mom’s father is a total Anglophile, which he passed on to my mom and my uncle, so I know a good deal about England, but not never really knew much about Irish culture beyond the claddagh ring, and the propensity towards alcoholism. But as an adult, I’ve tried to connect more with my Irish heritage. One way of doing that: Irish tea. I have three varieties: two morning teas (presumably with differing amounts of caffeine) and an afternoon tea (which, if it doesn’t have a lower amount of caffeine, has not yet proven problematic, so maybe if I don’t think about it, I’ll be okay…). One thing that I like about the afternoon tea is that it has all the same bite as the morning tea. Too often, decaffeinated coffees and teas taste as though the life has been sucked out of them.

Let’s have a cuppa, shall we?

Favorites 3

My Favorite for this week is Teavana! In the past, the closest Teavana to me was in a mall that’s about a thirty minute drive from my house, which made it kind of difficult for me to enjoy my tea habit. In the last week, a Teavana has opened up in the mall 5 minutes from me! I am so excited!!!

I like straight teas, not sweet teas or fruity teas (they make me a bit queasy–probably from the medicating the symptoms without knowing the cause days) and though Teavana doesn’t have too many non-fruity varieties, the pure teas that they have are a great quality and rarely do they disappoint. The best part about loose leaf brewing is that many teas are good for several brews, actually coming into their full flavor on the second or third brew. My favorite tea in the whole world is a good jasmine tea. Teavana has a couple of beautiful jasmine teas. The smell of a good jasmine tea is intoxicating, and drinking it is divine. I also love a good, strong green tea that tastes like dirt/grass 🙂

In Hawaii, once we moved into the yurts, I used to walk home at night and there was mock orange and some wild jasmine near our yurts, and by the time I got from the fence to my bed, I’d feel drunk, and I’d get into bed with my head swimming. Jasmine is truly the best scent ever.

Enjoy a good cup of tea today! I’ve already had five.